Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my order once I have paid the deposit?

Yes, you can subtract or add any of your items up to 2 weeks before your event. You are not allowed to completely remove items, but you can increase (subject to availability) or reduce the number of items reserved. We always recommend reserving higher numbers and bringing them down instead of adding so you don’t run the risk of running out of rentals if we are sold out.

How does delivery work?

We drop the rentals at the closest ground level entrance. Please let us know of any special requirements to access property (elevator, hills, stairs, rough roads, single lane road…). If there is a special requirement, additional fees may apply. If you need your rentals to be delivered at a specific time range, an additional fee may apply. Yes, its true we do not have a delivery fee for rentals in the South Lake Tahoe area. In order for this to pencil out for us we do require a min of $200 in rentals. For events outside the SLT area we do have a mileage fee charged one way. If the event is in an area that requires a fee to enter the area, the customer is responsible for the fee.

Is same day pick up an option?

We offer same day pick up to 10pm, but  additional fees may apply.

Do you set up rentals?

Set up is included with a few items such as dance floors, patio heaters, farm tables, and large tents. Set up for additional items needs to be reserved in advance and there is an additional cost. If the customer doesn’t need help with the set-up, rentals will be delivered to the closest ground level entrance and should be returned to the same area for pick-up. Upon pick-up, all items must be stacked in the same way and location  they were delivered. If at the time of pick up, the rental items are still up, we reserve the right to charge a break down fee. 

What is the payment policy?

We require a 50% deposit up front to secure your rentals, the deposit is nonrefundable 14 days after payment. The remaining payment is due 30 days prior to the event. The full amount is nonrefundable after payment.

What is the damage waiver policy?

Our damage waiver is  10% of the total rentals and it is fully refundable if items are returned in the same condition. If there is any damage, we subtract the cost of the damaged item from the damage waiver and return the rest to the customer.

What is the weather policy?

We cannot control the weather so that’s why we ask clients to have a contingency plan for inclement weather. In Tahoe it is common for rain, wind, and even snow in the summer! Our wood rentals and all dance floors must remain dry. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they do not get wet. Tents or covered structures can suffice to keep rentals dry but must provide 100% coverage of all rentals. If inclement weather is predicted and the client cannot provide adequate coverage for rentals they will not be delivered. All damage to rentals as a result of rain or water will be billed to the client. If a severe weather event is predicted that may impact an event regardless of coverage Tahoe Event Rentals reserves the right to cancel an event for safety reasons. If this happens a refund will be issued.

How long is the rental period for?

We offer deliveries and pick up 7 days a week. Rental fees are for 24 hours. 

What are the requirements for installing the dance floor?

Ground must be leveled and cannot be placed on sand due to wood/ vinyl damage. If there is inclement weather in the forecast, the customer must ensure the dance floor will have coverage in order to have dance floor installed.